Announcing No Man's Band: A Collaborative Effort With Artist Home


Alexa Peters, music journalist, with her first ukulele We are excited to announce in partnership with Artist Home, Womxn in Music will explore the stories that are instrumental to the equitable treatment of and creation of opportunity for womxn in the music industry through a monthly column titled "No Man's Band".  


As a collective, Womxn in Music has used education, advocacy, and the creation of economic opportunity to create more equity for womxn since 2018. This column will touch all three of these key strategies by telling the stories of womxn artists and industry members, and discussing local and national music news that impacts womxn, as a means of spurring discussion among music lovers of all races, genders, and creeds.

This column, written by member and music journalist Alexa Peters, will explore women artists and all that they contribute to the Northwest music scene—and beyond. It will feature their new releases and stories, as a way of rewriting both local and national music history that has almost exclusively been written by and for men. 

In the same way, this column will also highlight the womxn who work behind the scenes—as publicists, managers, music journalists, record label execs, and more. These women endure much of the same struggles as womxn artists, and then some; from being underestimated, undervalued, and even cast aside in the interest of the entertainment industry’s patriarchal and capitalist status quo.

Lastly, this column will look at the issues that disproportionately impact womxn in music—both negatively and positively. From tokenizing festival bills, unfair pay, and predatory behavior from industry males to progressive bookers, body and sex-positive artists, and another Brandi Carlile Grammy win—we’ll look at it all.

Look for the Womxn in Music column, published the last week of every month on



About Artist Home: Artist Home is a company of culture makers, community builders, and event producers who have served the Pacific Northwest for nearly 10 years. Since its inception, Artist Home has become a prominent part of the Northwest Music community by creating one-of-a-kind festival experiences and serving as a loyal and positive platform of support for artists. Artist Home is a respected curatorial authority in the Northwest and beyond. Artist Home also provides booking services, talent buying for regional venues and festivals, artist consultation, sponsorship consultation, event production, and promotional services.